JUNE 2014
~37.560 M² GFA
A new urban solution was to be found for the quarter around the central railway station in Salzburg, Austria. Therefore members of the city planning council, property owners, and architects all got together and elaborated fundamental visions and accordingly defined concepts for creating a new urban intersection.

In this context Architect Robert Wimmer developed a project situated on the site of an old bakery on Fanny-von-Lehnert-Straße. His aim for the triangular shaped estate is to design a project of high quality as well as high density housing, mainly by densifying the already existing institutions while on the other hand keeping the quarter airy and permeable.

At the new urban intersection of Fanny-von-Lehner-Straße, August-Gruber-Straße, and Engelbert-Weiß-Weg two new elevation peaks are being created, the Twin Towers. The irregular pentagons underline the importance of the quarter as a hub while still preserving the historic visual axes to downtown Salzburg. The two towers are dedicated solely to private housing. They are lifted up from the basement with its shops and offices and are allowed to rest on columns, therefore being elevated from the busyness and thus aiming for maximum airiness and comfort.