87.840,00 M² GFA
The central Railway Station is considered a central point of a city, functioning for representation, should present itself with great attractiveness and organizing a heavy flow of traffic.

This demand is fulfilled by new buildings erected in that area: an interesting linking of the new structures, magnetizing functions and systems of introduction prevent the depth of the site to be seen as a barrier. The human being is drawn into the project and then guided on: functions in a sensible order and apt to produce a functioning flow of pedestrians.

“Central Railway Station" means central point of communications. Trains, busses, tourism, local railway - a system that makes sense had to be developed and had to respond in its attraction to its surroundings. The area for the busses – its indirect connection with the place in front of the station - provides with interesting bays for the city and post busses as well as the coaches: an attractiveness, which is created by open spaces, spaciousness, lawn areas and streets, which offer the eye “something".

The buildings surrounding this area also form a creative power with regard to this area. These are on one hand the Hotel Europa, and the so-called “Zyla Towers" (up to 58 m high!), on the other hand a line of buildings up to ten storeys high parallel between the railway station and Elisabeth Street and Saint Julien Street towards the centre of the city. This linear image is underlined by the existence of the railway ensuing gulf in the city. The outlay of the new buildings takes up this linearity and continues it. The single buildings are built up to 25 metres - even to 32 metres near the neighbouring Zyla Towers - and thus coincide with the existing heights of the district's building.

An advertising column directly opposite the Zyla Towers takes over the language of verticality and forms a significant point in height yet not disturbing by corporality. The main interest of the whole project lies in stressing linearity, not verticality.

The existing surrounding masses need a strong and outspoken vis-ŕ-vis.

It goes without saying that the situation “railway station" also carries with it much noise. A strong gesture is given by the longish bar of a parking house near the end of the site: by its shadowing and protecting it reduce the effects of this “fountain of noise" and maximizes the quality of the street and of the adjoining buildings. The value of the adjoining sites is also heightened by this fact.