Construction of housing estate
Private Housing
2009 - 2014
3.900 M² TA
14.000 M³ GV
The existing small-scale, so to say patchwork building structure along the Münchner Bundesstraße, which has been growing over decades, was no longer in correspondence with the current importance of the road.

Therefore the draft of the housing estate now consists of two elements: a long block along the highly frequented Münchner Bundesstraße with a significant landmark in height at the crossroads of Münchner Bundesstraße and Bessarabierstraße and a second smaller block, set back from the street, nestling at the banks of a little, contemplative stream.

The block along the Münchner Bundesstraße reacts to the highly frequented street by orientating the apartments exclusively to the west and the quiet courtyard. Towards the street accessible balconies act as soundproof barriers allowing the street-side façade to show off windows, oriels, and loggias.

The second block is much smaller and lower and accommodates an elongated type of housing.

Towards the garden all apartments are equipped with balconies, which simultaneously create the organisation and the structuring of the façade

Thanks to the natural difference in altitude of the site, the underground garage can be reached comfortably via an existing side street. The outdoor area above the garage is designed as a landscape, which leads the qualities of the banks of the little stream directly in the heart of the housing complex.