1.100,00 M² TA
From caterpillar to butterfly...

Once upon a time there was a dreary, hum-drum house with a large loading ramp and a huge saddle roof, without proportions and without any esthetic quality, bad in its substance, unused and unnoticed. One of the many houses, which the human eye had to get used to during the ages.

But this very house experiences a veritable metamorphosis!

A new composition is created, which consists of heterogeneous elements: black - white - aluminum. Each element creates various unconscious reactions. A thrilling mixture of changing and questioning lies in each element and in its relation to others. An object with sharp edges, formed by two cubes to be read easily. The basic theme is: matter-of-factness, proportionality and functionalism.

From the cubic content to the formulation of the window apertures, from big to small, a pervasive principle. Black rendering for the walls that flickers and glimmers irritatingly in the sun was applied. Behind the glimmering mica is hidden which gives a new appearance to a normally hum-drum rendering and alters its characteristics completely: from dull to shimmering.

“Black" stands in synergy with ”moor” - ”Moosstraße” means ”moor street" - with old weathered barns and stables made of wood, a prominent feature of the surroundings there in a formerly very rustic position, which in recent times has coalesced with the city. It is meant to re-appear in what has been thought a new and the dialectics of it should be understood. ”Black" underlines - more than other colours - edges and forms. Particularly in front of a clear blue sky a strong contrast in the picture is made.

Aluminum panels, on the contrary, reflect sunlight and gleam in it. The surface is completely different, softer and lighter, structured by the horizontal patterning of the building. In its uppermost storey the building recedes like a penthouse. On this floor private dwellings were created with open spaces around and a view - characteristics, fascinating and typical for this geographic position.

A whole storey is characterized by this lightness and enters into a dialectic with the floors beneath. Perhaps this receding bears a remembrance of the farmer saddle roof.

On the green strip versus the street there are mural planes, figured like cubes. They form a ”secret", the passer-by does not know the ”why” and “what for”. Only by investigation the idea behind can be garnered: in one cube there is a place of secluded quietude, in the other a garden for sculptures.

In the end the “past” has lost its jejune face.