JUNE 2008
810 M² NTA
In a superb district of Salzburg a construction project has been brought into existence, which meets the demands of high quality living both in its definition and its quality standards.

Two buildings, twisted towards each other and unified in their common handwriting, resulting in a total volume which simultaneously emphasises the free space between them as well as keeping them at a distance from each other.

The buildings are defined by clear structures and persisting edges, fašade openings following strict proportion rules while playing with closed areas of plaster, the lightness of pergolas and terrace balustrades, the concept of colours being reduced to anthracite and white.

The horizontal dynamics of the two buildings is stressed, the thrive upwards deliberately orientating itself on the idea of two floors, the third floor is leaping back, therefore again uniting the two buildings in a dialogue.

A project matching a modern, architecturally open-minded way of life, making living dreams come true.